Keeping you healthy is the responsibility of the primary care physician, and that is the goal for all of our physicians. You are not just another number to us. Your medical concerns are our primary focus. Our physicians are able to spend unlimited time with you to create a special healthcare plan for you. Other physicians do not have the luxury to do this because their success depends on seeing as many patients as possible. We measure our success by the improvement in the quality of our patients’ health. This is why we take the time to get to know you, and your medical needs.

Dr. Jenny Powell started Direct Primary Care Clinics so everyone could enjoy quality healthcare, whether they had insurance or not. She saw her uninsured patients pay a lot of money for something that shouldn’t cost that much. She watched her patients battle the decision of choosing quality healthcare, or buying groceries! That’s when she made it her goal to bring everyone good, quality preventative care.

The Direct Primary Care membership empowers you to take charge of your own healthcare, with the guidance of a physician you know and trust.