Direct Care Independence

October 1, 2015: Independence Day


Atrocities were being committed against everyday citizens. There was no privacy, and property rights were nearly non-existent.

The Boston Massacre was a result of British officers firing into a crowd of citizens. Sam Adams rightly used the event to spark a fire, which eventually lead to a declaration and a long, hard-fought war for independence.  July 4, 1776, will be a day of celebration as long as there is a United States of America to celebrate.

Today, atrocities are being committed against everyday citizens—our patients.

There is little to no privacy regarding medical records, and a patient’s medical records are NOT considered his/her own property. Insurance companies and the government have determined what they finance belongs to them. Physicians are being sent to federal prison, NOT for purposely committing fraud, but because they dictate a technical mistake (that does not change the costs) in their notes on a procedure, and the “system” wants to make an example of them. A new set of “codes,” a language of sorts for the medical community, is being forced upon all of those who bill insurance and government health systems in any way, shape or form.  Physicians are no longer to be referred to as physicians; rather, they are “eligible professionals” along with podiatrists, dieticians, audiologists and advanced practical nurses. If a physician opts to not do business with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Secretary of CMS shall have the option to decide whether those physicians’ prescriptions will be honored. There is a push, through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, to utilize a national licensure as opposed to a state licensure program for physicians, which would punish those who either don’t continue their board certification because it is an expensive “club,” or who anger the national board(s) in any way to render them unable to get a license to practice in ANY state of the Union.  There is a war on doctors; and friends, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, it cannot be good for patients no matter WHO pays the medical bills.

For those of us who:

  • Have dared to go around the “system”
  • Have had enough of getting insurance companies’ approvals for medications or treatments we deem necessary for our patients
  • Have had enough of hospital administrators practically begging us to make more “clicks” on our computer for them
  • Who refuse to have our livelihood tied to the amount of individual patient data collected
  • Who find the presence of insurance carriers, the federal government and middlemen palpable in the once private exam room
  • Who declare our independence from these barriers and are re-establishing the sacred patient/physician relationship

We declare that Thursday, October 1, shall be OUR Independence Day!

That is the day all others must start complying with ICD-10, a copyrighted product of the American Medical Association (AMA). ICD-10 is a coding program that destroys privacy of the patient and sets the physician up to fail. We—the direct-care physicians and medical clinics of America who do not bill insurance of any kind—WE say “ENOUGH!”

  • We are independent from a system that places the physician and the patient together on the “road to serfdom”
  • We do not code our visits
  • We do not have to code our visits, because codes are not helpful to patients; codes are solely a form of forced collaboration with a system that seeks to subjugate us all
  • WE shall proudly flood social media with #iamdirectcare on Thursday, October 1—our Independence Day
  • We will proudly proclaim our freedom before those poor souls who continue to slave away for the “system”

We shall fly our own flag, and defiantly wait for the inevitable Santa Anna to “come and take it.” They will try, because we fly in the face of their right to command us. Yes, they will try. They will use several methods, and they may succeed. We may fail, but we will fail as free people, not as indentured servants. And we, like our patriotic forefathers, will remain steadfast.  We shall, like them, pledge to each other and to our patients, “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”