What a time to be alive – and president

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, your physician greatly expanded the target on her back by becoming the President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  This national physician organization has been THE voice of the private physician since 1943.  AAPS fought against Hillarycare in the 1990’s and is the only physician organization to sue the federal government for Obamacare.  They currently have a lawsuit against US Rep. Adam Schiff for censorship on social media platforms.

AAPS has also been on the forefront by getting real – that is, not financially or politically motivated – science and guidelines to physicians for early treatment of SARS-COV-2 viral infections. They have put together a free at-home treatment guide for patients as well. Membership for physicians is truly minimal, when compared to the other physician societies, and is FREE to patients. Check them out at

With our commitment to early treatment since March of 2020, our office has been a leader in this for both the communities at the Lake of the Ozarks as well as in Lebanon. With the impending mandates, there has been a lot of interest in this style of practice, especially in not having one’s hands tied when it comes to the ability to treat. So, I have been busy, but it’s been a good busy.  I am so encouraged to see my fellow physicians, nurse practitioners, PAs, nurses, radiology techs, and other supporting medical personnel willing to be fired or seek other opportunities to meet the needs of their patients rather than have the opportunity of CHOICE stolen from them.

We were privileged to have our keynote speaker at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Association of Americna Physicians and Surgeons (Oct 1 & 2, in Pittsburgh, PA) be KrisAnne Hall JD. KrisAnne is a Constitutional attorney, who gave up a lucrative job in Florida as a prosecuting attorney years ago to go around the country, teaching sheriffs, lawmakers and everyday folks about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers and Mothers. She gave an excellent talk that you can find on the AAPS Rumble channel titled “Knowing When & How to Stand!” KrisAnne has a popular podcast, the “KrisAnne Hall Show”, as well as online instruction through her Liberty First Society. You can find out more at

We were also treated with some great speakers at the Annual Meeting – Dr. James Giordano (the Neurotechnology ethicist), Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology), Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Peter McCullough – and, certainly not least of all – Dr. Li Meng Yan, the Wuhan Viral Lab whistleblower. Who knew we would  be lucky enough to hear these great scientists and physicians teach us about early treatment, the “jab,” the politics, and the world-wide struggles against communism, all in the same weekend?

Now that my brain is full, however, it is back to treating each of you as individuals, not piling you all up in a heap and expecting you to all respond to treatment the same way. But first, let me get my tinfoil hat resized.  You may refer to me as Dr. Madam President.

~JPowell MD

Beating That Dead Horse: Vitamin D and Research

Though I just found this article, it was published November of 2020 and it further supports what we have maintained since the emergence of the SAR-COV-2 outbreak throughout the world. To read the abstract, check out the link: Analysis of vitamin D level among asymptomatic and critically ill COVID-19 patients and its correlation with inflammatory markers (

To summarize, the authors found that “Vitamin D level is markedly low in severe COVID-19 patients.” To be fair they also checked asymptomatic positive-testing patients and found very few that had vitamin D deficiency. The results of their entire study has the authors recommending “mass administration of vitamin D supplementation to population at risk” for the infection.

A lot of patients will say they “don’t need” to supplement, “because I’m outside a lot.” There is sufficient evidence to support that unless one lives at equator, they cannot get sufficient vitamin D from the sun’s rays.

When we think of those most vulnerable to death from this infection, we think of our nursing home population. There is NO reason that mass administration of vitamin D in the nursing home setting cannot be instituted. There are very few medical conditions that are contraindications to the supplementation of the vitamin.  There are also very few situations when the blood test to assess the level of vitamin D is necessary. Supplementation for immune protection is in the 5-10,000 IU/daily range, depending on the availability of the vitamin in the supplement.

Why is it important? At about the same time last year, researchers at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital discovered the two cytokines that must be present to suffer the “cytokine storm” that kills in COVID-19 infection: TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma. BOTH of these cytokines must be present. In a healthy immune system, those two cytokines are not “turned on” and severe life-threatening disease shall not occur. Yes, an expensive medication (Remicade) addresses both cytokines. But there are other ways to prevent the cytokine storm, and simple daily vitamin D supplementation is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do so.

Early treatment of symptoms is important as well. It is well known that zinc has an essential role to play in antiviral immunity. The reason Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin work so well when used early in infection is that they are excellent zinc carriers. Though I still have not found a good explanation, a couple of good studies (the Peru evidence as well as this study: Role of ivermectin in the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers in India: A matched case-control study – PubMed ( have me utilizing ivermectin as a preventative (I mean, 73% reduction in infection is better than anything I’ve seen from the so-called “vaccine”). Speaking of which, while my official statement has been that I neither recommend nor discourage the stab except in cases where it is clearly contraindicated, I am leaning now toward “the risks outweigh the benefits.” So – right now, that’s a no for me.

The Power of the Sun

As the sun shown down on me this morning during my drive to the Osage Beach office, I reflected on the power of the sun.  It was 37 degrees outside – the very same temperature as it was yesterday morning while the rain that had fallen for a couple days had turned to snow. But this 37 degree morning just felt different, without the rain or the snow or the fog because the sun was shining.

The sun is powerful, and we are just beginning to understand this essential center of our solar system. It is the best and finest source of vitamin D, which is responsible for many processes in our bodies. It also gives off ultraviolet (UV) light.  Interestingly, both vitamin D and UV light have been the source of multiple scientific studies, and of derision, during this last year. Let me explain.

Several years ago, I attended an excellent lecture on the benefits of vitamin D3 supplementation, not only to prevent infantile rickets and to build stronger bones but also for immune health. I began my daily supplementation of vitamin D3 afterwards, and at levels much higher than “recommended.”  Rest assured, I checked my levels on occasion, and have suffered no ill consequences of “overdose” despite the doses of 5-10,000 IU daily. The benefit for me has been this – no illnesses. No “colds,” no influenza, no “GI bugs.” Even my propensity for catching infectious conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) were dramatically reduced. For 3-4 years now I have been taking the nutraceutical D3 with K2, with absorption second only to intravenous. I have missed NO days of work for illness since instituting this into my routine.  And I am around sick people nearly every day.

Now I see there are studies that have linked low vitamin D levels, into the deficiency range, to increased risk and severity of respiratory tract infections, including the acute respiratory distress of infection with SARS-COV-2. Cautiously, researchers say vitamin D “might” aid in prevention of infection with the virus with which our world is currently obsessed, that it “may” act as a strong immunosuppressant inhibiting the release of the cytokines in COVID-19 infections that can cause the severe illness, and that it “might” prevent loss of neural sensation. To attempt to debunk the obvious value of D3 supplementation, a recent article was published of patients already hospitalized with the COVID-19 infection, but I see this strategy as closing the barn door after the horses are already out.  Vitamin D supplementation should be a part of our every-day regimen, and we should not expect the institution of same to come to the rescue when it is far too late to do any help.  Why not study firefighters urinating on that California forest fire and see if that puts the fire out?

Now, the UV light stuff.  I happened to read an article evaluating the use of UVC light, which has been known to kill airborne influenza virus as well as “inactivating” 99.9% of a couple other human coronaviruses (the SARS-COV-2 itself was not studied).  It is well-known that UVC radiation reduces person-to-person viral transmission.  Even per the FDA, “UVC radiation has been shown to destroy the outer protein coating of SARS coronavirus.”  The only problem with this form of UV light is it is dangerous when directly exposed to eyes and skin. The FDA states the UVC “used inside air ducts to disinfect the air . . . is the safest way to employ UVC radiation.”

After reading these articles (and doing a bit more research) I contacted our AirServe Heating and Air Conditioning fella and met with him to discuss this. I am proud to say that our suites in Osage Beach are now complete with UVC treatment to our air ducts, thereby assuring the death of not only respiratory-illness-causing viruses, but also bacteria, mold, and other nasty players.

No, I don’t mask. Yes, I hug my patients.  But I not only take vitamin D3 supplements, I encourage my patients to do the same. And I am treating the very air that circulates throughout our suites. That goes a LOT farther to genuinely accomplish what the masks and distancing and sheltering in place cannot.

It’s not the sun, but it’s second best. You’re welcome.

Paint Me Green and Call Me Gumby

“Paint me green and call me Gumby” –  this is one of my favorite lines from a television show. I can’t even remember the name of the show, but a young man has a cousin (from a foreign country) come and live with him, and the show was mostly about the culture differences between the two. But this was the foreign cousin’s response to a question regarding a change in plans. It was a colorful way of saying he was flexible.

Former US President John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”  But, indeed, history repeats itself, because human beings are human beings, now and forever.  Human behavior, in general, does not change overmuch.  Individuals can and do change, but as a collective, humans are designed to operate a certain way and no amount of genetic engineering can alter that.

But as a species, the one thing we excel at is adapting to change. How have we managed to populate even the harshest environments on planet Earth? So, as the landscape may change and we adapt or perish, we need to look to those things that will NEVER change.

I took an oath in 1999, and in that oath I confirmed that there were some things I would never do and some things I would forever do. I am determined to continue to serve my individual patient as long as I have breath. The business model I have adopted is molded about that oath and that determination. If I had set up a clinic dependent on third party payers, I might face a future where I could no longer support my oath. Our current membership-based method of serving you, our members, was felt to be the most fair and balanced method of billing for access to our services. I do not anticipate that changing. But we are prepared to face whatever challenges the free market may experience in the future.

I continue to encourage you to be prepared for events beyond your control, to the best of your ability. The most important way to prepare is to create community with like-minded folks and prepare together for what ever may ensue. You should have supplies of necessities, in case there may be transportation interruptions, and remember – it is not just food and water, but other things that you rely upon for daily living that could easily become scarce and difficult to access. (I am not necessarily referring to toilet paper, folks!) Find ways of communicating with loved ones that does not rely fully on “the grid.” If you do not have a plan, it may be time to create one.

When it comes to things that NEVER change, I know of only One. Everything else does change, but God’s love and grace is unchanging. That is the other, and most important, element of our clinics. We attempt daily to serve His people in a manner worthy of Him, which can be challenging. We hope this brings you comfort and assurance.

If any of you ever had a Gumby, there is something you know about it. While it is very flexible and can bend to a certain degree, there is a point where, if bent too far, with too much pressure, Gumby will break. Being flexible – able to adapt to small changes where needed – is NOT the same as fully changing. There are some things this liberty-loving physician cannot and will not do. If you want to know what those are, look to the oath I took and to the Word I revere.

~JPowell MD

Body, Heal Thyself

While humans have known for centuries that the body can and will, indeed, heal itself, our present generations have been programmed to rely on human interventions, medications, and other unnatural means. My favorite quote about this comes from Steve Gundry:

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, had described the body’s ability to heal itself, which he called ‘veriditas’ (green life force). He believed that the physician’s job was to identify which forces were keeping the patient from healing himself and then remove them. Veriditas would take it from there.”

What does this mean for all of us today, faced with a pandemic and a host of misinformation, political mazes of intrigue, and boondoggling? I suggest we look at what we CAN and DO know.

The human body – as with most living things – is a biome all its own. We are carriers for microbes and microsystems, and the balance of all these can and should together for the benefit of the individual. Then there is the understanding that, of course, “no man is an island, entire of itself.” [John Donne] Human beings are pack/herd animals and we require interpersonal relationships for our best health. Is this not why solitary confinement is such an austere punishment?

Once we understand this concept, once we realize that the body does not consist of discrete systems and parts, but rather synergistically complex relationships, we can then begin to conceive of illness and disease as a matter of imbalance, an “undoing” of the delicate harmony maintained by a healthy body. As Hippocrates and his students, the giants on whose shoulders we stand, understood, our job as physicians is to “identify which forces” prevent our patient’s body from healing itself and “remove them.” This may be removing harmful forces (smoking, exposure to human-manipulated chemicals, etc) or adding in helpful forces (utilizing food as medicine, assuring the body has essential vitamins and minerals available to it, etc), or – most likely – a combination of both.

Everyone knows at this point that cigarette smoking is harmful to the human body; they do not need physicians to tell them this. But then – after years of smoking – people are still amazed when they experience cancers, emphysema and/or heart disease, almost as if they chose to ignore the facts. Perhaps it is the belief that it can’t happen to them. Perhaps they prefer to blame other things in their environment (and it is much more likely that it is from a combination of multiple factors). The bottom line is our bodies are made to fight cancer.  We all have cancer cells processing through our bodies at all times.  But the immune system, whose job it is to clear these cancers through various methods, is overwhelmed and cannot suddenly decide to work after years of being abused and fed improper nutrition and faced with multiple abuses. Heart disease, emphysema, cancer – they do not materialize overnight.

So – along comes a novel contagion that our bodies have not seen before. How does the body naturally handle such a thing? An intact, well-fed, and well-maintained immune system takes the newcomer hostage.  It analyzes it, identifies its clothing and its internal components, and then constructs a lethal elimination process. If it cannot destroy it by any other method, it isolates it. Then the body is well prepared; if it ever sees that enemy attempt to pass its gates, there is an army of defense ready to attack and destroy.  This is how the body can defend and maintain itself.

Is it any wonder, then, that it is the unhealthy, those with poorly operating immune systems, that are most vulnerable? Not at all. At least, not to those who understand the concept of how the body works.

How about “social distancing,” then? Stay-at-home recommendations? Isolation of the healthy and the young? Surely that helps to protect our elderly and vulnerable, correct?

Actually, no. All it really does is prolong the inevitable. If the healthy body does not see the virus, it cannot produce its own antibodies to it.  If it does not product its own antibodies, it will be more likely to shed the virus and unknowingly expose the elderly and vulnerable to the virus. This idea is commonly referred to as “herd immunity,” but I prefer to think of it as the best way to stop the enemy. Those of us who actively attempt to provide the body with what it needs in order to maintain its delicate balance MUST be exposed to the contagion, and for the ultimate greatest benefit to “society,” MUST produce our own antibodies.  Natural immunity is far superior to engineered immunity.

Let us also consider vaccination. Vaccines are best reserved for diseases that have a high mortality rate. Tetanus, for instance, has a high mortality rate. Most cases occur in unvaccinated people, and the elderly, newborns and injection drug users are at higher risk. It has a short incubation period. Another problem disease – at least for newborns – is pertussis.  While it causes “whooping cough” in older children and “the cough of 100 days” in adults, it can cause death in newborns and infants. Vaccination is therefore important for all who will be in contact with those most vulnerable.

Vaccination is practically useless, however, in diseases with very low mortality rates. It is far preferred to boost the immune system and avoid those forces that interfere with the body healing itself (i.e., its immune defenses). The reliance on engineered immunity versus natural immunity only creates more problems than it solves. We know from experience that multiple vaccinations at one time overwhelm the immune system and create auto-immune situations, where the immune system is “turned on” and begins attacking the body as if it were something foreign. This creates as big a problem as processes which attack the immune defenses and create immune deficiencies. Again, the problem is with BALANCE.

My suggestion to you is, learn about your body. Learn how to balance the body’s needs and what to avoid. Learn what foods are inflammatory in nature and anti-inflammatory in nature. Learn what exposures you CAN control and eliminate them. To quote Michael Pollan: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

January: A New Year, A New You!

The first month of the calendar year is named after Janus, the Roman god with two faces – one looking back and one facing forward.  Aptly, the month of January is our opportunity every year to look back on the previous twelve months while looking forward to the coming year.

As a family physician, January is the month when I receive the most requests for “something to help me lose weight.” Other times it’s for help to stop smoking, but that is nearly always accompanied by the express desire to not GAIN weight when they stop smoking.  The old formula of “too much going in, not enough going out” doesn’t seem to impress people much.  So, they frequently ask for something they can “take” to help them, one way or the other.

What if I told you that:

  • I could address BOTH challenges with one simple application of something to both of your ears once a week?
  • That in order to lose weight, you must actually EAT, and eat frequently?
  • That you not only are what you eat, but what you eat can actually boost metabolism and work in your favor?
  • That certain types of exercise are better for you and more efficient for weight loss and toning?

Press Needles are used for both smoking cessation and appetite suppression, and the location on the ear is the same for both issues. To re-set the thermostat of your metabolism, it is far better to eat small frequent meals, focusing on whole grains, fresh foods – as close as possible to how they appear in nature – and healthy fats.  Adding extra protein and drinking lots of water (64 oz. a day or more) can also help accelerate your body’s natural weight-loss response.  Tai chi, yoga, and pool-style exercises have been clinically proven to be far better styles of exercise for improving metabolism. There are also some preferred supplements that will also help with your weight-loss/lifestyle changes.

All of these are reasons to seek help through Direct Primary Care.  I can take the necessary time to walk you through changing the way you think so you can more effectively change the way you eat/drink/sleep/behave. You CAN do this without lining the pockets of the pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical company CEOs. Just give us a call!