January: A New Year, A New You!

The first month of the calendar year is named after Janus, the Roman god with two faces – one looking back and one facing forward.  Aptly, the month of January is our opportunity every year to look back on the previous twelve months while looking forward to the coming year.

As a family physician, January is the month when I receive the most requests for “something to help me lose weight.” Other times it’s for help to stop smoking, but that is nearly always accompanied by the express desire to not GAIN weight when they stop smoking.  The old formula of “too much going in, not enough going out” doesn’t seem to impress people much.  So, they frequently ask for something they can “take” to help them, one way or the other.

What if I told you that:

  • I could address BOTH challenges with one simple application of something to both of your ears once a week?
  • That in order to lose weight, you must actually EAT, and eat frequently?
  • That you not only are what you eat, but what you eat can actually boost metabolism and work in your favor?
  • That certain types of exercise are better for you and more efficient for weight loss and toning?

Press Needles are used for both smoking cessation and appetite suppression, and the location on the ear is the same for both issues. To re-set the thermostat of your metabolism, it is far better to eat small frequent meals, focusing on whole grains, fresh foods – as close as possible to how they appear in nature – and healthy fats.  Adding extra protein and drinking lots of water (64 oz. a day or more) can also help accelerate your body’s natural weight-loss response.  Tai chi, yoga, and pool-style exercises have been clinically proven to be far better styles of exercise for improving metabolism. There are also some preferred supplements that will also help with your weight-loss/lifestyle changes.

All of these are reasons to seek help through Direct Primary Care.  I can take the necessary time to walk you through changing the way you think so you can more effectively change the way you eat/drink/sleep/behave. You CAN do this without lining the pockets of the pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical company CEOs. Just give us a call!